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It’s no secret, we’re obsessed with plants. Our love story with plants isn’t just a hobby. It’s a lifestyle, a passion and the very foundation of Mila.

We were captivated by the power of plants, their resilience, their healing properties, and their ability to bring harmony into our lives.  We wanted more than just to admire them or keep them to ourselves.  We wanted to share this world of botanical magic with others.  

So we’ve endeavored to create products that serve as a bridge between self-care and nature.

That’s why all of our products have a carefully crafted elixir of high-powered, botanical extracts.  Potent, calming, and nutritive plants that we grow, dry, and extract right here in our lab. 
We grow our botanicals, respecting the rhythm of the seasons and the balance of the diverse ecosystems on the land we steward.  Using high-tech extraction processes, we capture the potent essence of every plant we use. Bottling up a piece of nature itself- something you can hold, touch and experience with every use. 
Our products are chemist-formulated and are crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail in our own lab.  This is not mass production that we pass off to a manufacturer, this is artisanal creation where every product is a testament to our commitment and dedication.
At the heart of it all, we’re not just about making products, we’re about creating experiences.  We believe in the soothing ritual of nurturing your body and hair.  Stolen moments of tranquility amidst busy days.  Through our products, we hope to bring a piece of nature into these precious moments, enriching them with the healing power of plants. 

Arcana Ridge

Perched on a ridge on the southern edge of the Appalachian mountains, our labor of love unfolds.  We’re diligently sowing the seeds of our potent botanicals, planting native plants, and enriching the wilderness and wildlife habitats around us.

Our verdant gardens are rooted in woodland soil that is as fertile as it is rich in humus.  The plants bask in the pristine mountain air.  Serene streams gently meander down the hillsides.  As they flow they bring an invigorating freshness, infusing life into every nook and cranny of this enchanting place.  
The forest thrums with the vibrant pulse of wildlife.  From the smallest insect to the largest stag, each creature contributes to the life that reverberates through these trees.  A reminder of the interconnectedness of it all.  

Each day, as we weave our story in this intricate design, we’re reminded of the beauty and bounty of this magical place. Our greatest desire is to share a piece of this eden with our friends, loved ones and you, our cherished patrons.    
By bottling the essences and sharing the things we learn about the special plants growing here, we hope that you feel the enchantment.  A gentle reminder of the special place from which it all sprang.

About Us

Hands dusted with soil, hearts brimming with passion.  We are Kelly and Hamilton.  Growers, creators, adventurers and experimenters.  

Our story is rooted in herbalism and sustainable farming.  Mila was born out of our insatiable curiosity for nature’s treasure trove of potent compounds.  Each ingredient is a revelation.  Unveiling its unique magic and potential.  

Our lab is a special place of creation.  Beakers and ultrasonic extractors intermingle with time honored herbs and flowers.  The alchemy of ancient plant wisdom infused with modern day chemistry.  
Our greatest thrill isn’t just finding new uses for these vibrant plants we grow.  It’s inviting you into the journey and sharing the magic and potential of them with you.    

Dive into our field journal and socials to unearth the secrets of the special plants we grow and forage.  From medicinal uses to culinary recipes.  It’s a deliciously illuminating, introductory guide to botany.    

Field Journal

Yarrow: Your Garden First Aid Kit

Yarrow: Your Garden First Aid Kit

In the vast garden of herbal remedies, Yarrow is a standout star.  This perennial plant known as Achillea millefolium has a storied history that intertwines with human health and wellness.

Bold & Beautiful - Goldenrod

Bold & Beautiful - Goldenrod

Every late summer to early Autumn, Goldenrod delicately paints the landscape gold.  But this native wildflower isn’t just a feast for the eyes.  It’s a veritable goldmine of medicinal and edible uses.

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