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Yarrow: Your Garden First Aid Kit

Yarrow: Your Garden First Aid Kit

In the vast garden of herbal remedies, Yarrow is a standout star.  This perennial plant known as Achillea millefolium has a storied history that intertwines with human health and wellness.

Legend has it, yarrow was named after Achilles, the greek hero who used it to staunch the bleeding of soldiers’ wounds.  

It’s more than just a pretty flower.  From wound healing to digestive disorders, it’s a medicinal powerhouse.  Its anti-inflammatory effects have been studied extensively providing a scientific basis for its traditional uses.

Yarrow tea can bring relief to a variety of ailments.  From soothing the g.i. tract to aiding with fevers. 

One if its most celebrated qualities though is its use as a styptic.  Ground yarrow leaf can quickly and effectively stop bleeding from minor wounds when applied topically.  Its antimicrobial properties also aid in wound healing.  Making it an excellent first-aid remedy to have growing in the garden. 

Yarrow goes beyond being a mere band-aid plant.  It promotes a sedative activity on the nervous system, offering relief from spasms and nervous dyspepsia.  

Incorporating yarrow into a wellness routine can be as easy as brewing a pot of yarrow tea or applying a yarrow infused salve to a minor wound.  In doing so, you’re not just using a plant, you’re partaking in an age-old tradition of healing, a ritual passed down through generations.  

Yarrow teaches us that potent remedies can be found under our feet in the quiet corners of nature.  It’s lacey leaves and delicate flowers are a feast for the eyes as well.  



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