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In our world, crafting products isn’t a mindless act of mass production. It’s an artful journey that unfolds over years, steeped in thoughtfulness and innovation.

From the ingredients we choose to the packaging we design, every detail is meticulously considered.

Looking ahead, our product line will emphasize elimination of or significantly reduce packaging.  Embodying our commitment to more mindful consumption.  For more detailed information about our packaging components and recyclability of each...

Our small-batch approach ensures nothing goes to waste.  Recycling materials and composting our plant extract process ingredients aren’t afterthoughts, they are integral parts of our process.  Turning “waste” into nourishment for our future botanicals. 

Regenerative Growing

In harmony with nature’s rhythm, we cultivate our botanicals while honoring the diverse ecosystems under our care.  Our regenerative practices like soil building, composting, cover cropping, and no-till practices reinforce a resilient, healthy system. We’re diligently sowing the seeds of our potent botanicals, planting native plants, and enriching the wilderness and wildlife habitats around us.
We’re now shining the spotlight on perennial and native plants.  These low-input, high-impact stars nourish pollinators, enrich soil and are versatile multitaskers in our garden ensemble.    

Giving Back

We’re not just proud of our city, we’re inspired by it.  Everyday we see our neighbors pour their hearts into making Birmingham a place where everyone can thrive.  And guess what?  You’re a part of that too.

With every purchase you make, you’re not just supporting us- you’re investing right back into our community.  You’re helping fuel our local organizations that are committed to making a difference.  

1% to Intoto Creative Arts

 The creative heartbeat of our community.  Pulsating with opportunities for artistic expression, healing and connection for those navigating social and economic hardships.  Through their transformative work, they bring hope and joy- painting a brighter future one brush stroke at a time.

1% to Royal Divinity Food Bank

Tirelessly working to make fresh, healthy food accessible to those who are experiencing food scarcity outside of Birmingham. With each meal they provide, they’re fighting hunger and feeding hope. Not only that, they nurture a warm and caring community of volunteers behind the scenes.


Congratulations! Your order qualifies for free shipping You are $64 away from free shipping.
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